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Air Leak Testing Machine 

Product description


Designed to produce high quality 

Product features

  • Procedure - First head 1,3,5 & Second head 2,4,6

  • Production capacity - 4 Batt per minute

  • Testing pressure - 300 mbar

  • All structural components of Conveyor are SS316L

  • PP modular belt conveyor if from Eurobelt

  • Motorized & Pneumatic Slide for UP & DOWN movement of arrangement

  • Auto battery rejection with gate to avoid mix-up

  • Pneumatic Clamp & pneumatic Stopper arrangement

  • Pneumatic Rejection arrangement

  • All Pneumatic F.R.L, & Precision regulator fitted in separate SS316L Panel

  • Control panel is fabricated of SS316L

  • AC VFD for speed control ( Allen Bradley)

  • HMI, 4inch touch panel ( Allen- Bradley)

  • HMI Adiustable parameters

      -Filling Time -Balancing time

      -Holding time

      -Testing pressure upper limit

      -Testing pressure drop limit

Product Specification

Power consumption                                   N/A kW

Dimensions                                              N/A (L)*N/A(W)* N/A(H)

Weight                                                    N/A Kgs Approx

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