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Gauntlet Forming & Cutting Machine

Product description


Designed to produce high quality Gauntlet

Product features

  • Unmanned fully automatic machine

  • Double Row with Double Cutting under 350mm length, i.e. 4 pcs per shot

  • Gauntlet length - 125mm to 700mm

  • Types of Tubes - 15 T to 22 T (min dia - 7.2 mm)

  • Production capacity - -For length 300mm or lower = Machine output 20 pcs per minute -For length 301mm or higher = Machine outout 10 pcs per minute

  • Energy efficient inverter-based heater control Typical energy savings =10%

  • Hot Wire thyristor control for longer life


  • Sewn Gauntlet Roll De-Coiling Station

  • Pre-Heating & Main Heating Ovens with fixed side ODD & EVEN clamping setup

  • Auto Gauntlet Cutting machine with Servo motor set cutting length

  • Cut Gauntlet collection bin with wheels

  • Unified control panel with operation pendant and JB boxes

  • Complete tooling fitted with the machine as per customer choice

Product Specification

Power consumption                                   N/A kW

Dimensions                                              9500mm (L)*1200mm(W)* 1660mm(H)

Weight                                                    2750Kgs Approx

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