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Pressure Die Casting Machine (PDC) 

Product description


Designed to produce high quality spines of lead-antimony alloy

Product features

  • Hydraulic Mould Clamping at 280 Bar pressure

  • Max Spine length - 280mm (w/o Lug height after cutting)

  • Cycle time - 13 Seconds per shot

  • 1.6 Tones capacity lead pot (Lead-Antimony or Lead- Calcium)

  • German made hydraulics for long life

  • Copper brazed plate type heat exchanger for oil cooling

  • Automatic coolant spray, Automatic operating door and safety encloser from all sides

  • Energy efficient inverter-based heater control Typical energy savings =10%

  • Hydraulic pump oil pressure & flow 120 Bar @ 38Lpm

  • Motor specification of Hydraulic pump 15HP, 4 pole, 1440RPM

  • Servo Prop Valve for mould in out (to avoid hard hitting)

  • Servo Prop Valve for lead injection cartridge (for precise filling control)

  • 7inch touch screen HMI (Siemens)

  • Servo Proportionate Valve for Mould operating Cylinders with integrated electronics 

  • Sensors for mould positioning, from Atos (Italy)

Product Specification

Power consumption                                   N/A kW

Dimensions                                              N/A (L)*N/A (W)*N/A (H) mm

Weight                                                    N/A kg

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