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Slurry Filling Desk 

Product description


Designed to produce high quality 

Product features

  • Double filling head for high productivity + low production cost

  • Max gauntlet length - 330mm

  • Slurry Filling time - 1.5 to 3.5 Seconds per shot

  • Auto Plate rinsing after filling 

  • Corrosion resistant SS304 structure

  • Plate weight consistency (within 4 - 5%)

  • Homogenous distribution of active material

  • Environmentally friendly process

  • Customized Filling and clamping heads as per gauntlet and spine 

  • Mild steel Operator platform with epoxy painted Channels and gratings

  • 22 Tube slurry filling head and spine holding stand

  • Back mounting plate with guide bar for adjusting arrangement

  • SS Body AODD PUMP for slurry incoming and return line

  • Pressure regulator for AODD PUMP

  • The control panel is completely manufactured from MS

  • SIMATIC PLC from Siemens

  • HMI: 10” Colour touch panel from Wintec

  • All Contactors, MPCB, MCB from Siemens

Product Specification

Power consumption                                   N/A kW

Dimensions                                              N/A (L)*N/A(W)* N/A(H)

Weight                                                    N/A Kgs Approx

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