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Inert Gas Oven

Product description


Designed for plate drying 

Product features

  • Oxygen free drying so there will be no oxidation on the plate during drying process allowing an excellent function of engine starting 

  • Only 20% of manpower required to operate , compared to traditional drying method

  • Entire oven is made from stainless steel and is capable of running 24hrs 7 days a week

  • It is durable , efficient and reliable 

  • Drying capacity per batch load is approx 3000-4000 panel plates (60 min)

  • Plate after drying : water content > 0.2% , pbO (lead monoxide) > 3% 

  • After drying of the plates , the lead content is extremely high and gives maintenance free or dry charges battery supreme performance 

Product Specification

Power consumption                                    28 Kw

Dimensions                                               approx.3700 (L) × 2200 (W) × 2600 (H) mm

Weight approx.                                          4.5 Tn

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